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GEMS OF THE PAST: Ellettsville & Edgewood

by Harley Sheets

Forgotten Recollections

At the age of 68, remembering things is a problem. Oft times, when descend­ing the stairs at home, I have forgotten my purpose upon reaching the bottom.

In a letter from R. Robison, was a newspaper clipping from the Bloomington Herald-Telephone (March 6, 2003 - page 1B) recalling Edgewood High School's first sectional championship.

While reading it, I recollected that I had seen this team play in the 1993 re­gional at Hulman Arena in Terre Haute. Simultaneously, the cerebellum, cere­brum, medulla oblongata or whatever part of the brain it is that re-energizes past events really started kicking in, making other dormant memories issue forth. (1) The hotdogs at Hulman had been the best I had consumed, with the exception of Briggs Stadium (later Tiger Stadium) in Detroit; (2) I had met B. Michael McCormick for the first time and he had passes to the hospitality room, where we munched on goodies between games; (3) The energetic but well behaved Edgewood fans, had seemed more like a family than unruly fans. After all, it was the first re­gional in school history and (4) I recalled that one of the Edgewood starters had been quite animated - a cheerleader on the floor. Although he had seemed, to me, a bit flaky, the crowd had loved him and he, by no means, had been a slacker.

There is more to tell about Edgewood, but my gray matter is emitting signals from another era over 50 years in the past.

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