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In the Fall of 1996 IHSBHS began to publish a quarterly newsletter as a means to inform members, the Hall of Fame, and other readers of the latest happenings and occurrences taking place within the organization.  In addition to providing this information, the newsletter was also an outlet for publishing interesting tidbits and stories that might have been lost to antiquity or never printed, but were discovered in the research process.  The first few issues of the newsletter were simply known as “Ish-Bish,” and in the Winter 1996 issue the call was put out to find a more suitable and enduring name for the publication.  When IHSBHS met at the Northpark Masonic Lodge in Indianapolis on April 5, 1997 the group discussed the options and decided that day that the newsletter would be christened “Boxscore.”

"Boxscore" has been published four times annually since the Fall of 1996 with only a few exceptions. 

Want to read "Boxscore"?  All of the back issues can be accessed below, excluding the most recent years in an effort to encourage current membership.  So please feel free to enjoy the historic issues, and if you are not already a member, please consider joining IHSBHS.   Click for MEMBERSHIP information

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